Workshop Summary of Cross-Surface 2016 at CHI2016

Our workshop at CHI2016 in San Jose, USA was a great success. We thank all the participants, panel members and organizers for their enthusiastic participation. Special thanks to Professor Susanne Bødker for her inspiring keynote on multiplicity and artifacts. In this workshop, we reviewed and discussed challenges and opportunities for Human-Computer Interaction in relation to cross-surface interaction in the wild based on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practice. We brought together researchers and practitioners working on technical infrastructures for cross-surface computing, studies of cross-surface computing in particular domains as well as interaction challenges for introducing cross-surface computing in the wild, all with a particular focus on BYOD. Examples of application domains are: cultural institutions, work places, public libraries, schools and education. Please find more details about the workshop, in the submitted proposal.


09:00 Introduction to workshop by the organizers
09:15 Keynote by Professor Susanne Bødker
10:00 Paper Presentations
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Case studies and brainstorm
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Present ideas + map out design space
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Group reflections and panel
17:30 Closing



Holding artifacts in common

This talk will address multiplicity and artifacts: multi-artifact practices, multi-practice artifacts, multi-user artifacts, and multi-artifact users. I will use both empirical examples and theoretical concepts to further discuss how human users hold artifacts in common, and how this holding in common develops over time.

Susanne Bødker is a professor of Computer Science and member of the CHI Academy since 2010. She has done research and teaching in HCI, and PD since 1983, starting with the Scandinavian Utopia project. Her theoretical foundation is in Activity Theoretical HCI.

List of accepted papers

  1. Towards Cross-device Harmony
    Timothy Neate a, Matt Jones a and Michael Evans 
    a Swansea University
    b BBC Research
  2. Enhancing Context-Aware Computing through Environmental Awareness
    Mario Schreiner and Harald Reiterer
    University of Konstanz
  3. XDBrowser: Challenges in Engineering a Next-Generation, Cross-Device Web Browser
    Michael Nebeling and Anind Dey
    Carnegie Mellon University
  4. Human-oriented Infrastructures for Multi-surface Environments
    Marc-Emmanuel Perrin, James R. Eagan and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
    LTCI, Telecom Paristech & CNRS, Inria Université Paris Saclay
  5. Advances and Challenges in Ad-hoc Mobile Tracking for Seamless Interaction across Commodity Devices
    Haojian Jin a and Christian Holz b
    Yahoo Labs
    Microsoft Research
  6. The Challenges of Using an Existing Cross-Device Interaction Prototype for Supporting Actual Curation Practices
    Frederik Brudy a, Nicolai Marquardt a, Yvonne Rogers a, Abigail Sellen b and Kenton O’hara b
    a University College London
    b Microsoft Research
  7. The benefits of ‘In The Wild’ studies for successful introduction of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies in the industry
    Jens Ziegler, Sebastian Heinze and Leon Urbas
    Technische Universität Dresden
  8. Towards Context-Aware Cross-Device User Interfaces in the Wild
    Fabio Paternò, Giuseppe Ghiani, Marco Manca
    CNR-ISTI, HIIS Laboratory
  9. Prototyping “In The Wild” Interaction Scenarios With RE/Tk
    Aneesh P. Tarun a, Andrea Bellucci b and Ali Mazalek  a
    Synaesthetic Media Lab, Ryerson University
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  10. Extending a Learning Platform with Cross-Device Functionality
    Maria Husmann, Nicola Marcacci Rossi and Moira Norrie
    ETH Zurich
  11. Enabling multi-device interaction on the go in the MAGI project
    Kenny T.W. Choo, Richard C. Davis and Quentin Roy
    Singapore Management University
  12. TomoTable: Towards Multi-Device Spatial Awareness Based on Independent Plane-Surface Sensing
    Przemysław Kucharski a, Andrzej Romanowski a, Krzysztof Grudzień a and Paweł Woźniak  b
    Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Applied Computer Science
    t2i Interaction Laboratory, Chalmers University of Technology
  13. “Bring-your-own-app?!” – Why apps hinder us from achieving true cross-device BYOD interaction
    Hans-Christian Jetter
    FH Oberösterreich, Campus Hagenberg
  14. Composition and mediation in cross-surface interaction
    Henrik Korsgaard and Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose
    Aarhus University
  15. Towards Cross-Surface Content Sharing Between Mobile Devices and Large Displays in the Wild
    Wolfgang Büschel, Ricardo Langner, Ulrich von Zadow, Tom Horak and Raimund Dachselt
    Technische Universität Dresden

Full Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Cross-Surface workshop



Based on the work done and the discussion at the workshop, we envision three main outcomes:

  1. Material and research projects that can be submitted to our special issue on INTERACTING ACROSS SURFACES: Multi-Device Ecologies “In the Wild” in the journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
  2. A list of topics, ideas, and challenges for future work in the space of bring-your-own-device systems and technology.
  3. A third edition of the workshop that will be held at ISS 2016 in Niagara Falls, Canada in November 2016. More info coming soon!